We have many foreign clients. Why do they chose us?

Our mission

We are a professional Tax and Accounting firm. Our mission is to support companies, entrepreneurs and other tax payers. To accomplish our mission, all members are making efforts to skill up our knowledge and we cooperate with other professionals, lawyer, judicial scrivener, VISA specialist, labor and social security attorney and so on.

Our Services

We provide services below.

– Establishment of corporation
– Bookkeeping
– Preparation of Financial statement
– Preparation of tax return
– Tax consulting
– M&A consulting
– Tax attorney

There are many kinds of taxes in Japan and tax law is very complicated. Please feel free to contact us when you need our tax service.

Major tax in Japan

  • Corporate tax

  • Local corporate tax

  • Inhabitant tax

  • Enterprise tax

  • Local corporate special tax

  • Consumption tax

  • Individual income tax

  • Inheritance tax

  • Gift tax

  • Property tax

  • Real estate acquisition tax

  • Stamp duty

  • Customs duty


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Okinawa office